Taxation Courses

Diploma Courses in Compter Accounting, Finance, Taxation and Banking:
1. Tally Accounting Course.
2. Diploma in E-taxation.
3. Income Tax Course..
4. VAT Sales Tax Course.
5. Service Tax Course.


·  12th pass students (Commerce & non-commerce)
·  Any graduate (Arts, Commerce & Science)
·  Working persons
·  Pursuing CA, CPT, CS,
·  Working Professional
·  MBA

Diploma in Taxation Correspondence

Eligibility : Minimum 12th Pass 
Course Fee : Rs. 10,000/= (Rupees Ten Thousand) 
Online Examination (Multiple choice questions) 

Topics:- (Part 1)
Company Info Menu
·  How to Select company
·  How to Shut company
·  How to Create company
·  How to Alter company
·  How to apply Security control
·  How to Change tally vault
·  How to Split company data
·  How to take Back up
·  How to Restore Back up
·  How to use Tally audit features
Country specific configuration
·  How to fill up Country details
·  How to change Style of dates
·  How to Configuration of numbers
·  How to use Other options
Loading A Company
·  How to Select  company
·  How to change Company name
·  How to set Financial  year
F -12 Configuration
·  How to use General
·  How to use Numeric symbols
·  How to use Accts/inventory info.
·  How to pass Voucher  entry
·  How to prepare Invoice / orders entry
·  How to take Printing
·  How to send E- mailing
·  How to do Data configuration
F-11 Features
·  How to use Accounting  features
·  How to use Inventory  features
Accounts Information
·  How to activate Functions in accounts info. Menu
·  How to prepare Groups in Tally ERP 9
·  How to prepare Ledgers
·  How to enter Voucher entries
Inventory Information
·  How to set Inventory configurations & features
·  Inventory info. Menu
·  How to set up Stock groups
·  How to set up Stock categories
·  How to create  Stock items
·  How to create Units of measurement
·  How to create Bills of materials
·  Locations / Godown
·  Inventory voucher types
Voucher Entry
·  Contra voucher entry
·  Payment voucher entry
·  Receipt voucher entry
·  Journal voucher entry
·  Sales voucher entry
·  Purchase voucher entry
·  Debit note voucher entry
·  Credit note voucher entry
·  purchase order  entry
·  Sales order entry
·  Receipt note entry
·  Delivery note entry
·  Rejection out entry
·  Rejection in entry
·  Stock journal entry
·  Manufacturing journal entry
·  Physical stock voucher entry
Advanced Accounting Features 
·  How to create cost categories & cost Centres
·  How to configure Cheque printing
·  How to set Credit limits
·  How to do Bank Reconciliation
Quick Setup (Part 2)
·  Excise for manufacturers
·  Excise for dealer
·  Value-Added Tax
·  Tax deducted at source
·  Tax collected at source

Excise for Dealer
·  Duties and method of calculation
·  Filing excise return
·  Enabling excise masters
·  Excise entries
·  How to view Central Excise Reports
·  Excise-computation
·  Daily stock register
·  PLA Register,
·  FORM ER1,
·  CENVAT Registers
Service Tax
·  Scope and applicability
·  Registration
·  Service-tax assessee code
·  Valuation of taxable service
·  Charge of service tax
·  Exemption from service-tax
·  Enabling service tax,
·  Creating masters
·  Purchase of service
·  service input credit adjustment
·  ST3 Report
Tax Deducted at source (TDS)
·  What is TDS Process
·  How to prepare and Issue of TDS Certificate
·  How to do Filing of E-TDS Return
·  Enabling TDS
·  What is Nature of TDS related payments
·  Deductee types
·  How to Create TDS Masters (Expense ledger, Party Ledger, Tax ledger)
·  How to pass TDS Voucher Entries/Transactions
·  How do pass TDS on expenses (Journal Voucher)
·  How to pass Expenses partly subject to TDS (Journal voucher)
·  How to do Accounting multiple expenses and deducting TDS later
·  How to record TDS on advance payments
·  How to do Adjusting advances against the bill
·  How to Changes in TDS Percentage
·  Computation
·  TDS Challan Reconciliation
·  Print Form 16A
·  Form 26Q
·  Annexure to 26Q
·  Form 27Q
·  Annexure to 27Q
·  Form 26
·  Annexure to 26
·  Form 27
·  Annexure to 27
·  E-Return
·  E-TDS, Print form 27A
Value Added Tax (VAT)
·  How to do Enabling Regular VAT
·  How to Create masters for regular VAT
·  How to prepare Purchase ledger, Input VAT ledger
·  How to prepare Sales ledger, Output VAT ledger
·  How to prepare Additional ledgers, TAX Invoice
·  How to pass VAT Adjustment Class Journal
·  How to prepare Purchase Invoice, Taxable sales Invoice
·  How to pass Debit Note, Credit Note, Journal Voucher
·  How to do VAT Adjustment against tax payable
·  How to pass VAT Payment Voucher, VAT Reports & Computation
·  How to Enabling payroll in tally  
·  How to generate pay slip  
·  How to Create Payroll Masters
·  How to pass Payroll Voucher Entry
·  How to view Statements of payroll
·  How to view Attendance-Reports
·  How to view Payroll Statutory Reports
·  Payroll Statutory Computation
·  Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) Reports
·  Employee’s State-Insurance (ESI) Reports
·  Professional Tax Report, Gratuity Report
Display of Reports
·  Accounting Reports – Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
·  Inventory Reports – Stock Summary, Sales Register, Purchase Register
·  Tax Reports- Challans, Registers, E Filing
·  Payroll Reports – Pay Slips, Salary Register, PF Challan, ESI Challan
·  MIS Reports – Receivables, Payables, Outstandings